Friday, August 15, 2008


Today´s trip was inspired by my trip to the passport office, indirectly.
At the passport office, a week and a half ago, I took a number and went to a used book store to get something to pass the time. The thing I got was a book by Kurt Tucholsky, called "Rheinsberg: Ein Bilderbuch für Verliebte."
So, after finishing it, I figured why not go to Rheinsberg. And today we did. It was fun. Several train-rides, each less than an hour, the last on a single track (meaning that there was but one train going back and forth) led us to a cute town and a lovely castle. Maybe I´ll post the pictures and a link when we get back to NY.
Tomorrow we´re off to Gersdorf, where there is no internet and maybe not even cell phone reception. We´ll see. But people might not hear from us until after the weekend.
Could be peaceful.
Could be.

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