Friday, August 08, 2008


We had a very exciting day, mostly because we lured a stray kitten into my parents´backyard. I´ll call her a she even though we never really bothered to find out. I wanted to call her "Hertha" after Berlin´s soccer team, but Coco is insisting on "Sarah," which seems to be his all-time favorite female name. Why, we don´t really know, unless it´s because of our former upstairs neighbor on whom he had a crush.
Anyway, we did our best to make the cat feel welcome and let her sleep on the porch and snuck some food off our plates to her and let her pee in the flowers. We think she might be someone´s indoor kitty and is probably less than a year old. Black and gray with a white belly and the cutest triangle on the chest. Not that I´m a softy for cats or anything.
Anyway, the kids were having a hard time saying good-night to her because I told them she can´t come inside and we just have to hope that she enjoyed our company enough to come back again tomorrow.
We´ll see. I honestly don´t know what would be better.

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