Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Generally, I´m proud to have my food-appreciation influenced by Gordon Ramsay´s Kitchen Nightmares, but it gets difficult when other cultures (read: familial food issues) are involved.
See, we ate at the KaDeWe today after we did some brief shopping there. I thought it would be a great idea because cafeteria-style usually helps the kids. When you can´t read a menu, seeing your food is helpful. But, in the immortal words of Gordon Ramsay, it was all bleep.
I even went back because I thought that the seafood bits that had hidden in the overdone tomato cream sauce were just a tad off. Not to complain, but to try the other pasta. Again an odd cream sauce overkilled under a heat-lamp.
But somehow we had to not waste it. Not so easy, trust me. But I think it all disappeared nicely.

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