Thursday, August 14, 2008


I made it. From one day to the next, I turned one year older. Last night my dad took me out to see Dieter Nuhr do his stand-up in a theater. Good stuff. The second half was more audience-friendly stuff about the battle of the sexes, but all around he´s really good. Smart and relaxed. Fun.
During the intermission we had something to drink but couldn´t find a seat because all the tables already had drinks on them, some even food, and a sign saying reserved. Apparently, you can order your intermission snacks ahead of time. What a great idea. Too bad we didn´t know about it. But the whole evening was great.
Except for the kids, who didn´t expect me to go out without them again. I think they´ll survive, but they weren´t happy about it.
Today we were at my parents´house all day, which was a fine break from being busybusybusy. And, thanks to birthday celebrations, the kids were hopped up on chocolate and cake, so the day just flew by.
Oh, and we found someone who will take the cat, Sara/Sergei, but only in about ten days, when the friend whose cat recently died returns from vacation. Now everyone is happy because we get to keep him/her for the remainder of our stay and we know he/she will get a home.
Now all we need to know is what that person´s cat died of...

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