Tuesday, August 05, 2008

busy, busy

Since it´s Tuesday (I think), I´ll lead with an observation of Coco´s this morning. "There´s no trash on the street," he remarked. And rightly so. I guess that´s unnatural for him.
And Madge is just rocking over here. She is such a stong and strong-willed kid, it´s amazing.
We hung out with a friend of mine and his son. The son doesn´t speak English, Madge doesn´t speak German. At one point I looked up from talking to my friend and saw that she was dragging him along by the wrist (he´s a year older than she) to show him something.

This afternoon was social, the morning more bureaucratic. I was at the German passport office. When I got to the waiting room after taking my number and slipping out to a used-book store there was a minor commotion because a few kids were looking at a trapped bat and one of the official ladies was clamoring to call someone authoritative. Or, to be exact, someone of a different authority than hers. While she was telling the kids to stay away (not mine, they were with Granny), a different lady, a tiny thing with dyed blond hair and a name like Frau Mischnik (if I heard correctly) came in and muttered the equivalent of "oh, come here, you poor little thing," picked up the stray bat and carried it outside.
Unfortunately, the brief high of the rescue action was deflated by some chick on a cellphone simultaneously swooning and complaining about her recent move. I had an urge to take out my cell-phone and talk during her breaks, immediately answering her conversation, but I chickened out. Largely because I had no audience.

Let´s call that reason number 422 why it sucks that Julie´s not here.

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