Thursday, August 07, 2008

swim day

Today was very hot for Germany, a bit like a Brooklyn July day with less humidity.
Since my family listens to the weather every day, we were prepared and had planned to go to the outdoor pool, along with the rest of Berlin. And still it was less crowded than our usual "Double D" pool. Cool stuff.
As an added bonus, the rules here are looser, and they still have DIVING BOARDS! WooooHooooo! That is one major drawback to the pools I´ve been to in the states.
Coco upped his doggy paddle to prove he could swim in the big kid pool and matched Madge jump for jump. Though the slide in the medium-sized pool was more his style.
Still, it was great fun. And, as so often with swimming, the kids wore themselves out, which meant that, until Coco crashed, everyone´s nerves were a bit on the frayed side.

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