Sunday, August 03, 2008

travel day

Big day for us. We've already checked in, thanks to the magic of the internet - which still astounds me. And we've already had a few rounds of tears about leaving mommy and the cat. Luckily, the tears are more about mommy, as it should be.
Coco's lack of time sense is striking again, since he doesn't want to have lunch here, he'll eat at the airport, he says. But our flight is at 7pm. Sometimes he does the same with using the bathroom. Let's hope today's not one of those times.
Madge now has a sense of time, so she's upset about being without mommy for two weeks. I think it'll be okay. We'll see. I got a loaner cell phone from Verizon that, they say, works in Europe, so we'll be able to call anytime, anywhere. We'll see.
And of course today is a beautiful day here in Brooklyn. Not muggy, not too hot. Hard to leave.
But we're set to go.
And I signed up to be at my high school class's 20-year reunion.
Let's go have some fun!

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