Monday, August 20, 2007

Staten Island

I'm always impressed with minor league baseball. Not the games themselves, what with the sloppy pitching and all, but with the experience as a whole. And yesterday was a good one. We went to see the Staten Island Yankees play the Brooklyn Cyclones in Staten Island. So the trip itself was fun, obviously. Taking the ferry is always a pleasure, and actually having something to do in Staten Island is a plus. The stadium also has a view of downtown Manhattan, so if the game it too boring, there's always that to distract you as well.
The best part was getting the tickets. As we got to the ticket booth, the lady told us it was sold out. "Awww." But right next to the booth was a lady who couldn't believe her luck to find a party wanting six tickets together. She was so happy to get rid of them all at once that she sold them to us below cost. Not much of a capitalist, obviously. More hotdogs for us.
Speaking of scalping tickets.
This was the second group of guest we've taken on the ferry and they were the second to express their suprise at the fact that the ferry is free of charge. Which got me to thinking that you could make a pretty penny without actually lying directly by standing in the waiting area with a roll of tickets, shouting, "Tickets! Who needs tickets?"
Can they arrest me if I don't say that they are tickets for anything in particular?
And the price? "Five dollars. Wait. Do you have a Metro Card? Yes? Then only three."
I think it could be lucrative.

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Anonymous said...

Be sure that Julie has enough money to bail you out of jail if you decide to sell tickets for nothing in-particular,there must be a law against it.