Thursday, August 02, 2007


I’m no bleeping prude, but…

On the recommendation of some friends, I rented the first disc of the HBO series “Deadwood.” And within the first few minutes of a show set in the Dakotas in 1876, there were some f—ks, some c—ksuckers, even a c—t. And they made me cringe. Not because I don’t appreciate the use of these words, but because they seem out of place, or out of time, rather.
I’m still trying to decide whether it’s as if the characters were wearing sneakers or merely boots with a Harley-Davidson logo on them.
Typing a few choice words into Google I found this:
of which my favorite quote is,
[Creator David Milch] cites a bibliography he put together in his research. “It’s called ‘Profanity in Deadwood,’ and it has like 50 sources.”

That’s like so cool.
I couldn’t finish the first episode the first time around.But then I figured, hell, I rented it, why not watch it. And there’s good stuff, though it seems like a prolonged “It’s a Wonderful Life” set in a Wild West Pottersville. Still, the bad guy is really bad. Who knows, maybe I’ll rent another disc. And pretty soon I won’t care if they’re wearing espadrilles.


Megan Frampton said...

Oh, dear. Deadwood is my favorite show EVER EVER, I was beyond obsessed.

The language is correct for the times, too. The character development is incredible.

I was so upset when HBO pulled the plug--they're having some wrap-up shows later on, but it's not the same.

Ana said...

I would have to agree with everything Megan said.

I wish nothing more than to bring that show back. ::sigh::