Friday, August 31, 2007

Refried Mr. Bean

Of course I had marvellous observations today, but because I had two teeny-tiny beers I can't remember any of them. So maybe I should just speak unintelligibly and laugh too loudly at my own jokes - wait a second, that's what I do anyway.
Don't tell anyone, but we saw the Mr. Bean movie again, this time with Julie and her sister, who's in town. Hee, hee. We know art when we see it.
It's enjoyable the second time around, too.
And this time I don't need to keep watching Rowan Atkinsons as he tries to distract me from his co-star.

It's also funny to see the neighborhood now as it's exploding with people who are returning from vacations and camps and whatnot to resume regular life. Not as bad as a college town, but still a surprising change of demographic makeup. Pretty soon the sidewalks will be congested with strollers, scooters, like-a-bikes, and protruding bellies (female and male).

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