Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hands out for hand outs

At the bank of ATMs at my bank, there is occasionally a person who holds the door open, saving after-hours visitors the agony of inserting the card they will use later anyway in a slot near the door in order to unlock it. In exchange this person is hoping for a little something on the way out.
On my way in I tend to have nothing, and on my way out I have nothing but twenties. I assume others are in a similar situation. If I were an honest and consistent person I guess I'd have to decline the open door and insist on opening it myself because I know I'm not going to trade a twenty for the service.
As it is I give the usual noncommittal hypocritical nod/headshake/mumble and go on my way.


Anonymous said...

You better be careful if it's always the same person that they don't note your number and steal your card, that's what they do over here now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to drop a 20 once every, say, 20 visits. Here's why. 1. Its bothering you 2. its better to get a 20 every now and then and remember it 3. you got a story out of it. Spread a little love x