Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coco Tuesday

Temperatures in the eighties and Coco is wearing a long-sleeved fleece sweater.
Here's why.
Today's my birthday (thank you, thank you).* Madge was in charge of opening a package from Lands' (they never corrected their inaugural apostrophic typo - shows you what kind of conservatism they practice) End from Granny. The instructions were to hide the thing for me and wrap it and keep and enjoy the things for them. They loved their lunchboxes and her new skirt. This morning I unwrap two things. A nice short-sleeved shirt (thanks, Mom) and a fleece sweater, size M. Turns out the fleece is a kid's M. First I thought Granny made a little online ordering mistake, but then I realized it was supposed to be for Coco. And he was so excited he wore it throughout the day.
He loves it.
And ya gotta love giving little ones gifts. Though that kids of enthusiams stops around age seven, when you start getting, "Is that all?"
I, by now, have learned that actually saying "Is that all?" out loud is considered rude.

* Happy Birthday to Gary Larson, Steve Martin, and Russell Baker as well.


Ana said...

happy b-day.


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