Friday, August 10, 2007

kid-heavy posting

I've realized why I've been posting mostly about kid activities. It's because we're on vacation and I don't really have contact with anyone else. These last two days we've just stayed at home. The first day because Madge seemed worn out, and today because the weather was too cool for our regular pool routine. So we lounged around in the morning and then bickered and fought later in the afternoon.
But we're good now. All it takes is looking at them when they sleep and things get better.

Read a poem the other day - whoa, alert the media. No, not a big deal, but it was one of Shakespeare's and it was called "The Phoenix and the Turtle" and I (like many other modern readers, I assume) thought it was some sort of Edward Lear thing until I realized in the last line that the titular turtle was a dove. So I had to reread it.
I still didn't make any sense to me.

Give it a go if you want.

For those with short attention spans, here are my favorite lines:

So they loved, as love in twain
Had the essence but in one;
Two distincts, division none:
Number there in love was slain.

...Either was the other's mine.

Property was thus appalled,
That the self was not the same;
Single nature's double name
Neither two nor one was called.

Reason, in itself confounded,
Saw division grow together,
To themselves yet either neither,
Simple were so well compounded,


Truth may seem, but cannot be:
Beauty brag, but 'tis not she;
Truth and beauty buried be.

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