Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gracias (Bean in France)

Ah, the simple joys. If you get a chance to see "Mr. Bean's Holiday," go. Hurharhurharhurhur.

We were actually shushed quite a bit during the movie, because the Other Kid had already seen it and occassionally explained what was coming up, Coco kept asking to make sure he was caught up with all the plot points - and later to ask if Willem Defoe is going to turn into Green Goblin any time soon -, and Madge kept saying things like "Oh, no," "stop it," "don't." Mr. Bean kills her.

I may have to see it again because of the potty breaks I had to take. But I don't mind. Some of the bits are worth seeing again.

And, thinking about it, the fact that the kids had an urge to speak up just proves how good Atkinson's timing is.

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Anonymous said...

Last I heard Mr Bean has retired, wants to go into serious theater, so get the DVD's for see as many as you can while they still exist.