Monday, June 30, 2008

Madge Monday

This weekend my daughter said to my wife:

Daddy f**ked the cat.

Properly punctuated, it might have to read, "Daddy 'f**k'-ed the cat." But still. Yikes.
What happended was this. I was sitting on the floor, watching TV with everyone else when that stinker of a cat came from nowhere and bit my hand. Since this act surprised me, I jerked away my hand and exclaimed, "F**k you!" I agree it was uncalled for. Sorry, everyone. But the cat's Cato-like secret attacks have a long history and I really never asked for them and, frankly, I'm rather tired of them.
In Madge's mind, to f*** someone is to say the f-word around or at them. Hence her statement to Julie.
I guess I have some ssplainin to do.

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