Friday, June 06, 2008

learning partners

This morning was another Parents As Learning Partners, the last of the year - my, how time flies (like an arrow, according to Perelman, while fruit flies like a banana -- zzing!).
Anyway, it was a poetry recital. Fun stuff. Of course they were basically droned out, but that's not the point, really. Hopefully something will stick about how words work together and create a flow and rhythm and imagery and... how bloody awkward it is to stand in front of people and repeat words you've been forced to memorize and don't really believe in much, yourself.
Oh, well. I do hope some of the original pedagogic stuff sticks, too.
They recited in pairs and acted the poems out, which was great.
One pair of kids even chose William Blake's "Tyger, tyger" - a poem which I've never gotten and still don't see the greatness of, but there you go. I've always been but off by rhymes like "eye - symmetry" and I don't know what kind of a tiger Blake has seen that burns bright.
Still, a fun morning, full of drama and suspense.

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