Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New old song I love

There's an Argentine singer, Carlos Gardel, of whom they say that his voice gets better every year (he's dead; they're nostalgic; it's supposed to be funny).
This guy is Silvio Caldas. iTunes spells it Sylvio and I "accidentally" bought an entire album of his. I was tired and wasn't paying attention to which "buy" button I was clicking.
But, man, what a worthwhile thing. First listen: eh. Then, however, it grows on you.
And this song is just awesome. On the album I downloaded he's much younger and has an orchestra backing him. But this thing here is exquisite. Any song that's a waltz in a minor key has a head start, in my opinion. Add to that his old, wobbly vibrato and stiff-ish playing (still remarkably fluid compared to mine, mind you) and, finally, the visual package and you've got a winner.

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