Thursday, June 05, 2008

Old man: me

My sneakers had the usual wear and tear at the heel. Then we got caught in a brief rainstorm (not to worry, we played Indiana Jones as we crossed the torrents at the street corners) and my sneakers got filthier than ever. After washing them, two eyelet rivets had fallen out and I also saw that the right sole had a gash in the middle.
So I acknowledged the inevitable and went to find some new shoes. "New" being a relative term since I went in the store, pointed at my shoes - I never said I stopped wearing them - and said, "I'd like these again."
They had 'em and I bought 'em.

Give me a few years and I'll probably buy six pairs of 'em just to make sure I can beat the odds of their obsolescence (and inflation).

The shoes are a blazing white - except for the green lime icee spots and the brown milkshake spot. In the first outing! Darn.


Anonymous said...

you better not wait a few years to stock up on your favorites, do it NOW!!!!!! But maybe not 6 pairs


Trent said...

Shoe pic please!

Anonymous said...

Oh, hätte mir den Kommentar vorhin ersparen können. Du hast ja selber schon erkannt, dass alte Männer, die nicht jeden Modetrend mitmachen, sich mit ihren Lieblingsmodellen bevorraten sollten. Sister T.