Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Madge Monday

I was at the Peabody Awards yesterday and was wonderfully ignorant of all the big names around me, so I politely nodded whenever someone leaned in and gasp-whispered "That's soandso."
But it did see a writer for "30 Rock" slip a dinner roll into her purse, for later. Writer's pay doesn't go far, even on a network show, apparently.
Julie took the day off to be with the kids and when I called home to tell them I was coming, Madge said, "Don't come home."
The day after father's day, she stabs me in the heart.
But I knew it was because they were watching TV and didn't want me to make them turn it off.

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Anonymous said...

Boy that hurts even if you know the reason for it.(voice of experience is talking) Did you get an award too????? or just went for the fun of it. Mama