Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What do you mean, I'm on?

All the articles about the incident at La Scala focus on Roberto Alagna walking out in the midst of a duet. (The BBC even has a video of it.)
But, man, as a struggling musician and friend to many other struggling musicians, I wish one or two would focus on the flip side of this affair.
The headlines ought to read, “Antonello Palombi Gets Chance of Lifetime.”
And the best part of the deal for him, he was still in street clothes. Didn’t even have time to put on his gym shoes.
I usually find it depressing to think that someone might know the greatest moment of his or her life. But taking over mid-duet might be an exception.
What about the soprano during the incident? She should have started cracking jokes. “Was it something I said? Do I have bad breath? That’s right, sucker, I need me a real man. Run to mommy. Get me another overweight Italian in blackface, but make sure this one has taken his V***ra.”

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