Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Airbus passengers need exact change

I'm branching out. This is from Reuters.

Okay, here’s the deal. Airbus got an okay for the Airbus A 380. The headline should read, “Nightmare Check-in Okayed: Airports frantically add chairs, bunk beds to departure lounges.”

Predictably, everything about it was delayed.
Living up to its airBUS name, this thing is a double-decker and seats 555, uncomfortably, I’m guessing.
How long will its runway have to be? It’ll only be allowed to start and land on I-80, on the quiet stretch between Laramie, WY and Salt Lake City, UT.

Of course, no new product launch is complete without insider trading. Probes thereof, I mean. All involved have denied wrongdoing. It’s pure coincidence that “top managers sold shares shortly before the [Airbus A 380’s] industrial faults were revealed.

Interesting note (interesting to me, you may be too preoccupied with holiday preparations to care) is that the first customer to cancel an order was FedEx.
But they couldn’t find the tracking number so they’re stuck.

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