Tuesday, December 05, 2006

splitting infinity

Today’s NYTimes has an article about China and particle physics.
Apparently, Mao figured science might follow a kind of dialectics that follows his idea of infinite divisibility. “If there is an end, there is no science,” the article quotes him.
Sure sounds like good news for Chinese grant applicants.
Anyway, in order to split the electron they built the Beijing collider.
I always thought that was the nickname of the lady up the street from our place in San Francisco. You should have seen her try to parallel park.
(Is parallel parking only possible in a Euclidian universe? Maybe that was her problem. – God, what a geeky attempt at a science joke. Forgive me.)

Mao's example is splitting a footlong stick and never stopping.
A western example might be, getting divorced and remarried. Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor will split the electron before Chinese scientist.

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