Monday, December 11, 2006

More Milk

If the Milk Board takes me up on my idea, I’d like to be compensated. At the very least with several gallons of 2%.

The gimmick
I wrote about last week (bus shelters in San Francisco being scented with cookie smells to make people long for milk) met with protest of people who feared allergies and asthma and prefer regular street pollution to scent strips.
But there’s an article in the NYTimes, entitled “
Study Detects Recent Instance of Human Evolution,” that indicates that the persistence of lactase (past the stage of infancy and subsequent weaning) is an evolutionary step concomitant with dairy farming.

It wouldn’t take much for the Milk Board to take the familiar image of fish to fish with legs to mammal to ape to Neaderthal to Homo Sapiens to go on with hunter-gatherer Homo Sapiens and, finally, milk-drinkers. Then a picture of Darwin with a speech bubble saying, “Got Milk?”
Look for it on posters in your neighborhood and alert me when it happens.
I’ll invite you over for milk and cookies.

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Christine said...

your cookies kick ASS. i may have to photoshop something up just to get 'em.