Saturday, December 09, 2006

ISG report, again

Roy's first post is about the Iraq Study Group and Bush's response.
I actually saw a clip of the press conference (ain't I web-savvy?) in which Bush waved the book about and gave his little talk on, "There's some stuff in here and it recommends things to do. Thanks for writing it."
I remember thinking at the time, "Bart Simpson gives a better book review than that."

Really, there was nothing Bush said that indicated he had even opened the book. He stayed vague about the contents. "Several actions are suggested and we will consider them." And, most important, he named some of the authors (who are named on the cover) and then said, basically, "Thanks, but you shouldn't have. Really."
The book's cover wasn't even smudged or cracked or anything. Even Bart knows enough to make the book look read.

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