Friday, December 08, 2006

more marathoning

Today’s NYTimes has an article entitled, “Is Marathoning Too Much of a Good Thing for Your Heart?”

The article doesn’t really provide me with any new fodder for marathon jokes. I still stand by my midlife crisis assessment. None of the attacking hearts were under 40 years of age, after all. And the ones focused on were over 55. (This would lead to a silly cartoon, though, with masked hearts laying in wait at mile 19.)
The reason I’m mentioning it at all is that the paper of note has decided to put an article on heart attacks in marathon races neither in Science (medicine) nor in Sports, but in “Fashion & Style.”
After all, many runners are in it in order to squeeze into the twenty-year-old suit that, oddly enough, happens to be in style again.
Or they may have noticed that the over-40 crowd runs marathons because “everyone else is doing it.”

“Dad, if all your friends were to run a race in which their hearts might swell up and explode, would you do it, too?”
“If it means getting away from you for thirty weeks of training, sure.”

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