Thursday, December 14, 2006

Baci Kitty-Cat Boom-Bang

The cat, while not crazy, requires some adjustment in our routines.
For one, it appears we need to make time around midnight every night – 11:47pm, to be precise – for our feet to be chewed and clawed. It’s cute the first time, but Baci will burrow inside the comforter covers to get at the smelly goods.
And don’t think that Madge is immune, just because she inhabits the top bunk. The cat is athletic. He’s got broad shoulders and has this weird technique of jumping up to things and checking them out first by hanging from them by his front paws. Then, when the coast is clear, he pulls himself up all the way. He does this on Madge’s top bunk. Oh, and my neck.
Then he’ll sit on my neck like a live wrap and chew on me, as if I were a vampire appetizer.
Of course it’s followed by a look that says, “What, you think this is weird?”
He also isn’t quite aware of his tail. Its length seems to take him by surprise every time it wags in his peripheral vision. He then proceeds to chase and catch it and become upset that something is chewing his tail.
His tail is also the cause of a bizarre Christmas tree feedback loop. It’ll brush a branch, which will bounce and intrigue. This, in turn makes him bat it, just to show who’s boss.
Then, as he walks away, he’ll notice that there’s some more bouncing in the tree and the attack continues.
Until the kids screech and I interfere with water.
Ah. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like a crazy cat to me, I just hope he doesn't chew too hard.