Thursday, March 06, 2008

more kid things

Madge and the other kids in her grade survived their first big math test, one that is needed to promote to the fourth grade. Apparently it was scary enough for some kids to be in tears, others, to lose sleep. Madge was nervous enough to want to sleep in our bed.
She's big now, so I slept on the couch.
Coco is being extra emotional. Tonight, as a reward for the test, we watched the Polanski version of Oliver Twist. At the end, when Fagin is in jail, Coco cried. Turns out he thought Fagin was a better dad to Oliver than the adoptive gentlemen.
Subtle observation.
I'm sure, if you were to research Dickensia (or whatever the academic branch is called) you'd find more than one paper on father figures, and a few discussions on Fagin as idealized father.
It wasn't Coco's first tearful outburst of the day. I think he's getting his first period.

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