Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frickin' Nuts (Frick the third)

I came into a hallway and saw this guy. His face - if not the face, then at least the expression - looked familiar and the background green was compelling, so I typed in the number and started to listen. His name is Ludovico Capponi, but it sounded like Capone when the guide said it, so I wanted to know if they might be distantly related. Not really. At least not more so than any two countrymen hundreds of years apart with a similar last name. (Goethe - Goedi; who am I kidding.)
Anyway. I was merrily listening along when I gag. Out loud. Gack! See, the thing I noticed late was just about eye-, if not mouth- , level. So I frantically listenedlistenedlistened and found out it's a CODPIECE (everyone back in their seats, nothing to see here). And that nineteenth-century prudes had painted over it.


Anonymous said...

this still from your outing with the kids, so must really have had an interesting time. Mama

Anonymous said...

oops I meant withOUT the kids