Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coco Tuesday

Part two of the dentistry adventure is over and now it's up to Coco whether we'll have a part four or whether part three will just be an extended adventure. This time, he told me, he didn't want to cry and therefore he didn't.
Having seen two procedures up close now, I'm fairly confident I can just do this at home with a Dremel tool kit. Father's Day has to happen sometime, right? So why not get crafty.
Coco gets to watch a movie of his choice when he's there, which is really a joke because his eyes are closed most of the time and between the constant chatter of the dentist and the occasional grunt from Coco and giggle from the assistant at a wisecrack from Daddy, there's not much to get.
I suggested that the dentist carry Marathon Man, but nobody got the reference. Oh, well.
Coco is a convert to daily brushing and flossing, though, so that's one benefit.

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