Monday, March 24, 2008

Frick (the first)

I didn't teach yesterday because of the holiday. But Madge enjoys a day without me and encoureaged me to leave the house anyway. Done and done.
Where to?
I mosied over to Manhattan to see if I could play chess in Washington Square Park after a couple of Papaya King hot dogs. No beans, the place is under construction (the park, not the hot dog place). And I didn't feel like sneaking into the Marshall Chess Club.
So I figured, "What else can you do without kids?" Answer: Museum.
I hopped on another Subway and encountered huge crowds around Central Park. Duh. Easter Parade had finished. No problem. I wanderd up Fifth Ave - a lovely day, by the way - and saw this neoclassical building and figured, "Whoa, I wonder what ambassador lives there." So I crossed the Avenue and looked at the sign.
Frick Collection. Hours blah blah. Children Under 10 Not Admitted.
And boom! I went in. What a selling point.

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Anonymous said...

And what was in it?and was it any good? Hope you had a Happy Easter, without the kids. Mama