Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frickin' Ironic (Frick the second)

The Frick has an audio guide that's like a phone/iPod. You type in the number by the piece you wish to have explained and the phone doodad starts talking to you about it.

About this Degas, it said something about Degas painting dancers blah blah. Then it said that the old violinist was the most real-looking thing in the painting, while the dancers looked doll-like and manipulated. Then it said something about this being one of the very few painting that Frick leant out, in this case to a fundraiser for the Women's Suffrage movement.

I have a feeling he had a twisted sense of humor.

To sum up:

old white man - real and creative and in control

women - puppets and mechanical and in the background

picture loaned to woman's suffrage fundraiser


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