Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, the secret reason I gave in and got cable TV is that I wanted to watch The Wire.
I'm generally full of qualms, but so far the only thing that really bugged me about the show was in earlier seasons, when Avon was in jail, talking to Stringer Bell about their territory and what to do about it. See, they weren't in a room across a table with a partition, they were talking to each other from one side of heavy glass to the other, over a phone. Over a phone.
Apparently, they can have a whole season's worth of wiretapping woes and excitement and then, frustrated about not catching Stringer Bell, they can't seem to put up some surveillance in a prison when the two are talking openly.
Oh, well.
And yet, the rest of the show is so well done that I just flinched a little and kept watching.
Who knows, maybe there's some weird legal thing about not being able to use conversations of convicted criminals with suspected ones that transpire on government property - but I doubt it.

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