Sunday, January 20, 2008

California Post

Whoa. This internet thingie is magic.
Here I am in California and it all looks the same, virtually. Though, man, the Bay Area sure is a beautiful place. Now I know, again, why we lived here and moved back at one point.
I guess what we need is several homes. One on each coast and one in Europe, I guess.
The trip itself went smoothly, mostly thanks to the Direct TV available in the seatbacks of Jet Blue.
And then the rental minivan. No TV, but the kids have been without a car for two years now, and the mere fact that we were in a car that's not a cab and that, gulp, Daddy was driving - "Daddy can drive?" - was miraculous.
But then I was exhausted and crashed. Not the car (context, context), but the metaphorical one of exhaustion in the chair at the Grandparents' house.
Ahhh, vacation.

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