Monday, January 14, 2008

Madge Monday

Sometimes she talks funny for the sake of talking funny (and imitating some TV influence), sometimes it's inadvertent.
Tonight, for example, she was reading The Subtle Knife. At one point she held the book to her chest and said, "Wilbokuhtabijou."
We played the game where I say "What?" and says the exact same thing when I broke through the fun we were having by talking in circles and said, "Say it more slowly, please."
"Will broke the tabijou."
And then, when it turned out that Daddy indeed knows that the word is spelled t-a-b-o-o, we were able to speak again.
Then the problem switched to the fact that, while I read the book, I read the book long ago and don't really remember details, especially not the details for which she wants answers (and when I do, I don't tell her).
Must be tough to have me as a father.

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