Monday, January 28, 2008

Madge Monday

Apparently, parents are really annoying when they worry about somebody throwing up on an airplane or in a car even though this somebody has a track record of doing so and even though this same somebody admitted to feeling like she had to throw up on the plane and going to the bathroom but not being able to and then lying down and falling asleep because she was feeling ill.
But I guess if she's with it enough, now, to go to the bathroom to try to throw up, then we really don't need to bug her about it.

And now that we're back, she's doing creative jet-lag math. At night, she figures she can stay up later because "it's only 5:30 in California," but in the morning, she feels she can be grumpy and sleep in "because it's only 4:30 in California."
Live in the here and now, sister!

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