Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Coco Tuesday

As much fun as flying Jet Blue can be, it sure makes a difference what time of day you fly. Coming back was more difficult all around. See, the benefit of Jet Blue for kids is that they have their own TV screen to control. And for the little brother, Coco, having "my own remote!" was indeed a big deal - though Madge still had to help him work it and choose channels.
On the flight back, though, there was no Direct TV signal to be had for the first few hours. And by the time they got the signal back, all the Coco-friendly networks were no longer so. The nearest program to something appropriate was Nick at Night, which was airing a Goosebumps episode. One that, of course, featured a creepy green blob on an airplane. Halfway through the episode, Coco said, "I'm scared." And it was dark outside and the next most appropriate thing, after Godfather 2, was Project Runway.
But they were working in denim, and what, I ask you, is more scary than that?

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Karen said...

Obviously a fan of Christian's... "Deconstruct denim. Ok. Please, deconstruct. This is like first grade." (Project Runway is the only TV show I watch)