Saturday, January 05, 2008

bye-bye, tree

We put out our tree today, to everyone's mild sadness. Then we packed up the unbroken ornaments (the cat really is nuts) and vacuumed some more needles (though this tree's needles were rather tenacious). None of this is terribly exciting.
when we came back a few hours after leaving the house and setting the tree on the sidewalk, our tree was gone. Other trees were still there and we didn't notice it anywhere else on the block.
What the?!
Admittedly, it was a beautiful tree and we loved it dearly, but who would take a four-week-old tree? And what would they do with it?
Wherever you are, rest well.

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Megan Frampton said...

Probably someone took it to be recycled in the park--that's what we're doing today. They send it through this crazy cool machine and out comes mulch!

We want to guerilla recycle trees next year, too.