Thursday, January 03, 2008

Screwy week

Let's just call this another CocoMadge entry.
They've both been having playdates going full bore this week, catching up for lost time. It's great to see them socializing again after turning into Handheld-Game-Zombies over the break.
Today we went to a friend who lives in the building next door. Ordinarily, I wouldn't come along there because the nanny has things totally under control - another West Indian Brooklyn Nanny.
But (unfortunately for me) I sometimes forget to try on the child's point of view. And while I find her entertaining - she's older, has a strong accent, a turban of dreadlocks, and a cane - the kids find her rather intimidating. She, after all, has to enforce the parents' rules.
The first time I went over I had expressed my surprise to Coco and asked him why he wanted me along this time when he was fine before, he pulled me down and whispered in my ear, "She make me eat all my food and I don't want to."
Then, later, I asked Madge if she found the nanny scary, she said, "Oh, yes. I'm always afraid she might hit me with her cane."
I told the nanny about the food thing and she's patched things up with Coco but he still doesn't trust her.
Madge's concerns I haven't voiced. I have told Madge that it wouldn't happen. But I've noticed lately that Madge doesn't really trust what I say. She always thinks I'm trying to rip her off somehow.

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