Thursday, January 17, 2008

neurological fun

We went to the neurologist with Coco today.
And while we were all sharing a laugh about the fact that they get heaps of calls right after Christmas when parents read the warning labels about video games and epilepsy, she told us this anecdote.
Apparently she was at an epilepsy fundraiser which included doctors and patients and prospective donors, I presume. After the food was cleared, the lights were dimmed, the d.j. started the music and, yes, the strobe lights. At which point, apparently, all the patients dove under tables as if it were a WWII air raid.
Obviously, the doctors intervened and had the lights turned to normal before there was any involuntary breakdancing.

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kwolph said...


I was searching the blogosphere for parent bloggers and came across your site. That was a cute little anecdote I will pass on to my good friend that gets a kick out of stories like that.

The other reason I am commenting is because tomorrow, New York Kids Club in Manhattan is holding a Free Funday for Everyone at their East 67th location exclusively to the online community. It is between 4pm-6pm and RSVP is necessary because there will be free food and beverage as well as free wifi available for parents. If you are in the area, check it out. Information is below!