Tuesday, July 18, 2006

something in the park, in the dark

If it weren’t so hot, I might make myself come up with some “hotter than…” lines. But I’m a bit on the sweltered side of things. Holy participles, Batman! Spellcheck accepted “sweltered” as a word (but not “spellcheck” – imagine that).
Of course I
looked it up. Leave it to Shakespeare to stretch the term in a better way.
The park by our apartment has movies and concerts and plays in the summer. Cool stuff (a bit pretentious but a nice effort, I think). But it is right outside our window, so, if we don’t want to partake, we have no choice. On Thursday we were awakened by a soundcheck/dress rehearsal for “Much Ado About Nothing” around 11pm. Gngngngngngn!
I invited the entire cast up to help put the kids back to sleep.

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