Monday, July 10, 2006

finished another book

(Reading, not writing, obviously.)
So you get to guess who it's by. Or what the title is. Or something.
In other words, I haven't heard from Edsel or Chris B. in a while and want to see if they're paying attention.
Here's your quote:

Along the bar various claims to personal distinction were being made.
"I have a stainless-steel plate in my head."
"I am one-sixteenth Cherokee."
"I have never voted in my life."
"My mother ate speckled butterbeans every day of her life."
"I don't even take aspirins."

Just rereading it makes me giggle. But then again, I'm weird.
Enjoy. Prize, as always, a poem by me.
(Let's see you Google that one, Edsel.)

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