Monday, July 24, 2006

Eyes front, young man

I know I’m not ready for bikini season. Now it turns out I’m not ready for t-shirt season, either.
See, I thought I had myself weaned from staring at women’s, you know. (I was aided by contemporary fashion which exposes so many other choice bits that I get so confused I give up and look into their faces.)
But now there seems to be a trend (at least in our neighborhood) of t-shirts with writing on them. And women’s t-shirts tend to have writing, you know. Often I don’t get to finish because the writing won’t hold still. Sometimes it wraps around and I feel I ought to lift intruding pieces out of the way. But that might not be polite.
So today I wound up staring at an Asian lady (Chinese-ish Asian, not Indonesian-ish Asian), older. Maybe 45, so not “older” older but too old for what she was wearing, namely a green t-shirt that said, “Tennis Players have fuzzy balls.”
She must have been deep in her laundry cycle, past the outmoded fancy clothes.

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