Sunday, July 30, 2006


Went to get groceries.

Overheard this.
He: And on my side it's 11am to 1pm, but then on Union [Street] it's 11am to...
She: has tuned out long ago.
[For my European readers: he was talking about parking restrictions in the neighborhood, street cleaning and whatnot.] Here's the sad part. Both of these people are out of my league, looks-wise. (I'm a minor league player who likes to believe he may have gone far if he'd only worked out more and if his metabolism had cooperated better with all the chocolate he consumed.) Does this mean that, in order to have improved my chances (before I hit the jackpot with Julie, of course), I should have had inane, selfish conversational topics? Or should I just be happy that they are stuck in a conversational quagmire?

Then I saw this.
A woman was getting out of a recently parked car. The door wouldn't open far because there was a tree right there. So she had to extract herself by squeezing and contorting most inelegantly. The guy (her guy, I assume) was watching, rather than getting in again to back the car up. There was plenty of space. Again, these people were generally better-looking than I, and they have a car (which I don't). Do I need to be more of a jerk to advance in both directions?

Finally, I saw a Prius, parked. And it had vanity plates. Funny enough in itself, right?
The license plates read: AUTEUR. Jeez.
But, you know what? If I ever have a car, I think I'll get vanity plates and prepose an H. At least it would be honest.

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