Monday, May 22, 2006

H Fable

The ham sandwich and the heart attack

“Just who we’ve been waiting for,” said the constricted arteries to the newly arrived ham sandwich (cave-aged Swiss Gruyere, mustard with a bite of radish, cornichons, country French bread), “now the fun can begin.”
“Hang on,” said the ham sandwich, “don’t you want to savor the last morsel of me?”
“Okay,” the arteries grumbled. Then, a while later, “How about now?”
“Hang on,” the ham sandwich said again, “what about the chaser? What'll you have, a cold beer?”
“Good point,” the arteries said. Then, a little later, “Now?”
“You know,” the ham sandwich said, “a nap would be good, right about now.”
The arteries agreed. And the heart was made so happy that it continued beating happily ever after. Or at least until the passing of the ham sandwich.

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