Wednesday, May 10, 2006

C Fable

I couldn't decide on an ending. Please vote in the comments if you have a preference. (Please have a preference.)

The Cat and the Chihuahua

The housecat pulled the Chihuahua aside while the owner wasn’t looking. “Have you no shame?” it asked the panting dog. “Calm down, show some restraint, be your own animal for a while.”
Ending 1: “W-W-What makes you think I l-l-like being this w-w-way?” the Chihuahua answered.
Ending 2: “And when’s the last time you were taken out on the town?” the Chihuahua replied.


Anonymous said...

I like ending #2

I can't remmebr my fr#$$#%g password. so today I'm anonymous

boo said...

I like ending #2

I can't remember my fr#$$#%g password!

The roman limerick was hilarious

This is the first limerick I ever learned:

There once was a hooker named Sue
She filled up her pussy with glue
She said with a grin
"if they pay to get in,
they'll pay to get out of it too"