Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Fable

I read Lessing's fables recently. A while ago, actually. Not that it matters, but it sounds better in a blog to have current, hot topics on the plate. So an eighteenth-century work about antiquated items is sure to go over well. Nevertheless, the fables are quite good. I might even translate some of my favorites for this blog. You know, on slow days (actually, more likely on rushed days like Wednesdays).
My edition came with a treaty on the fable, which I tried to put to use. Since I think in unrealized grand projects, this was (no, is! - I won't be defeatist about this) to be an A-Z book. So far I have - A. Here it is.

At the zoo, the Ape jeered at the Aardvark.
“Hey, Orycteropus afer, you can change your name to appear first in the index, but you won’t attract any crowds until you show humans what they want to see. And what they want to see is a reflection of themselves.”
Then he set to hurling more feces at the wall.

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