Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yet another farewell to Bush

I just had the joy of looking through a book of Bushisms. On the one hand, his sayings could be good practice for my SAT writing class, such as “Is our children learning?” or “he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.”
On the other hand, they’re just infuriating. If her were a minor figure in a sitcom, they’d be amusing, maybe. But he was or will soon have been the President.
I once had an idea of collecting them with commentary and calling it

The Dubya Sutra: The Diamond-Hard Head of State Speaks

Some of his utterances, after all, have attributes of Zen koans in the sense that a mind tied to the ten thousand things of daily life can not get a grasp on them and therefore, by cracking our reliance on meaning and logic, we might achieve (or reach or whatever the non-word might be) satori.

For example:

A PUPIL asked BUSH: What is trustworthiness?

BUSH: Well, I think if you say you’re going to do something and you don’t, that’s trustworthiness. (8/30/00)

Commentary: If you think words and actions are linked, think again. Or, better yet, neither think nor act. Merely speak. The silent BUSH can’t finish his nap.

But that whole goofy idiot thing, whether an act or not, just gets too frustrating for me to confront without anti-depressants.
And then there’s also the incredibly rabid way in which his sayings get bandied about. It’s scary. I get the feeling he said them on purpose as a sort of lightning-rod to diffuse the more rational reaction of dethroning him and that, in raising our bile, he won that attempt. Or, in his way of saying things, he “catapulted the propaganda.”
I’m not sure I’d know how to distance myself from that bile. Maybe I’ll collect the sayings of our new President instead.
I’ll start with my favorite, which is: Click Here To Donate.

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