Monday, January 26, 2009

Madge Monday

Today was/is Coco's birthday. Julie and I celebrated this weekend by watching all of Minority Report, a DVD we were watching when the contractions got too heavy to ignore, which meant that Julie didn't get to finish it until a few months later - and she never really paid that much attention to the beginning in the first place (can you imagine?). I hope I've meandered enough in that last sentence to detract from any inquiry as to when I finished watching the movie. Okay, it was the next day, but ssshhhh - I had to get stuff from home, didn't I? And get Madge to see her little brother - and eat mommy's hospital food.
Anyway, because his birthday happened on a Monday this year, she had the great and generous idea to give him his presents a day early so he could play with them at home without any time pressure. The winning argument for me was that it would be easier to get him to school today, which it was. Yay, Madge!


The advancing age of our family members (other than the adults) demands
that our tracking of incremental temporal advancement expands.
They're no longer midgets
for Madge needs two digits
and Coco must use both his hands.

And daddy can't get limerick endings out of his mind, sorry.
I will try again.
That rhythm must be fixed:
two numbers spell out 10
and two hands spell out 6.


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