Monday, January 19, 2009

Madge Monday

Our previous two winters here have lowered our snow expectation bar considerably (from the Chicago and Minneapolis standards we had temporarily suspended in the Bay Area), so we were completely excited about the half-inch or so we got today. I say “we” but today was a day off, so it was a bit difficult to drag Madge away from her newfound vampire romance and out of doors. It helped that she ran out of books in the series – the fourth installment arrived later this evening. But I finally got her outside and we had a blast.
And, honestly, among the many cute things you get to see in kids, the flushed exhausted look they have when coming home from a fun outdoor activity in the cold is wonderful, especially because I had some hot chocolate at the ready.

One of the selfishly fun things you do as dad
Is think ahead about how the then grown kids
Will think back on all the fun they had.

But will they remember all the things I did to please –
Like ruining my coat to make a muddy snow angel and patiently assisting snowball manufacture only to be the target and going up and down and up and down and up and down the hill and dragging the two of them in the sled even though people had already salted the sidewalks and I had to lunge across grating asphalt so it may as well have been summer for all the sweat that poured out of me –
Or will they say, “Remember that time Daddy let our toes freeze?”

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