Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stimulus Package

Third-Quarter Spending

The economy is ailing
And analysts are wailing.
They know just why the world is ending:
Third-quarter spending.

But I refuse to see such gloom,
So this I am intending:
Where they see dung I’ll find a bloom
In third-quarter spending.

The gumballs at our movie store
Are more than ornamental.
When you find a yellow one
They give you a free rental.
I put two coins in the machine;
Madge gets red and Coco green.
You see what is impending:
Some good third-quarter spending.

At “Peep World” up on 33rd
Near 7th Ave, I think,
Is where some guys just can’t, well, uh,
You see, it’s too much drink.
They put two coins in the machine
And limply shrug at what they’ve seen.
But wait, something’s un-bending.
That’s good third-quarter spending.

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